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6 residence treatments for dry pores and skin on ft

6 home remedies for dry skin on feet
Why does it appear to be irrespective of how a lot moisturizer you slather in your ft, they nonetheless feel and appear as when you’ve been dwelling in a desert?

The pores and skin on the ft has fewer oil glands to maintain them hydrated, so it’s no marvel that making an attempt to maintain them delicate and easy will be tough going. That goes double when you undergo from onerous, dry, cracked heels.

Dry, chilly climate, standing for lengthy durations, strolling loads, carrying sneakers which can be too tight and utilizing harsh soaps can contribute to dry, cracked ft and heels. However so can pores and skin circumstances akin to athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis. Diabetes may also trigger modifications within the ft that result in dry, cracked foot pores and skin.

For many individuals, the next six residence treatments may help flip the pores and skin on the ft from tough, dry and uncomfortable to easy, hydrated and delicate.

1. A pumice stone or foot scrub

Exfoliation removes dry, useless pores and skin, revealing the softer, smoother pores and skin beneath. You possibly can exfoliate utilizing a pumice stone or an over-the-counter foot scrub, ideally after a bathe, bathtub or foot soak in heat water (add slightly Epsom salt for good measure), when the pores and skin is delicate. For those who use a pumice stone, don’t be overly aggressive. Apply a moisturizing cream while you’re completed.

Don’t exfoliate your ft when you’ve got sores or open wounds.

2. A foot file or rasp

A foot file is a device with a deal with and an abrasive metallic floor that mechanically exfoliates the pores and skin. Some foot information appear to be cheese graters. These could also be too tough on the ft and usually ought to solely be used on calloused heels, if in any respect.

Like pumice stones, foot information are greatest used after a shower, bathe, or foot soak, when the pores and skin has been softened. An digital foot file with a head that spins is an alternative choice, particularly for eradicating onerous, useless pores and skin from the heels. These are usually used in your ft when they’re dry, however some waterproof fashions can be utilized within the bathe.

3. Foot cream or heel balm

For severely dry ft, skip the lotion. Lotions include a whole lot of water and aren’t as moisturizing as lotions and ointments. Take into account shopping for a cream or balm designed particularly for ft or heels. These are usually thicker and should include softening and exfoliating components akin to alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid or urea. Common use helps stop cracked heels.

At night time, apply a heavy moisturizing cream, a foot cream or a skinny layer of petroleum jelly to your ft and put on cotton socks to lock within the moisture and preserve your sheets clear.

4. Moisturizing gel socks or heel socks

Out there on-line, moisturizing foot socks or heel socks, additionally known as heel sleeves, can provide the results of moisturizer-plus-cotton-socks with out the mess. They’re designed with a hydrating gel lining. Put on them for a number of hours a day or when you sleep.

5. Foot peel masks

Foot peel masks are the most recent web sensation. These bootie-shaped sheet masks are worn for an hour, then discarded. In per week or extra, useless pores and skin will start peeling off in massive patches, revealing baby-soft pores and skin beneath.

6. Liquid bandage

You probably have deep cracks in your heels, contemplate making use of a liquid bandage, which isn’t a bandage in any respect, however a sprig. These merchandise type a seal over cracks, making strolling much less painful and shutting the entryway for grime and micro organism.

If these residence therapies for dry, cracked pores and skin in your ft aren’t working, see a dermatologist or podiatrist. The supplier can look at your ft, decide whether or not any well being circumstances could also be taking part in a task and develop an efficient remedy plan.

 You probably have diabetes, keep away from residence treatments till talking together with your physician in regards to the dry pores and skin in your ft. For those who suspect you’ll have athlete’s foot, see a dermatologist or your main care doctor.

Along with dryness on the bottoms or sides of your ft and cracking of the pores and skin, signs of athlete’s foot embody itching, burning, stinging, and flaking between the toes.